As many of you know, a few months back we rebranded our business from 1800GotBlinds to ALLURE Window Fashions. We are continuing to grow and develop our brand of Window Coverings that are Fashionable and Functional for all homes while catering to all demographics and budgets. With the changes made to our company we have increased our exposure and been fortunate enough to have been presented with potential partnership opportunities within our local market.

We have been approached by one of the largest home builders in the Alberta market to submit a proposal on a few specific window covering packages. The home builder won’t provide details relating to budgets, target market, demographics etc, but we have been asked to present two options. We have one chance to nail our presentation and we are certainly going to do our homework. This is why we are reaching out to all of our social media friends to weigh in, your opinion will greatly help us with our presentation.

Looking at Option A and Option B, could you please tell us which option presents the best? Assuming both window covering packages are the same price, which option would you chose?

Thank you so much for your support and taking the time to provide us your feedback.

Warm Regards,