A warm and natural organic look.

Natural Woven Wood Shades

Hand-woven from versatile, light-filtering reeds, grasses and woods, our Natural Woven Wood Shades come in five styles and transform sunlight into captivating design statements.

Weave the beauty of nature into your home with custom made Natural Woven Wood Shades. Woven grasses combine the traditional, classic look of a woven wood shade with styles and patterns designed to impress today’s fashion conscious buyers. Our exciting natural woods and yarns are woven together to achieve a natural handcrafted shade.

Choose from open weaves that gently filter the light or tight weave for maximum privacy. Bring the outdoors indoors with Allure’s beautiful collection of Natural Woven Wood Shades.

Natural Woven Wood Drapery

This gentle, untouched aesthetic invites the balance of the natural world into your environment, connecting you to colors and textures of the landscape. In keeping with this trend, Natural Woven Wood Drapes are constructed from organic, renewable resources, including bamboo, jute, and grasses. They add breathtaking natural beauty to wide windows, patio doors, or closet doors.

Our rustic, natural drapery coordinate easily with Roman shades or sliding panels. Optional liners add more privacy and light control.