Aluminum Blinds

The Most Fashionable Aluminums Ideal for any Window Application

DualView Aluminum Blinds

When the view is your focal point, opt for reveal with DualView aluminum blinds. Designed to allow slats to nest together, they provide twice the view-through of a standard 2″ slat blind.

Stylized Aluminum Blinds

Our 2″ Stylized Aluminums blinds offer a dramatic design for larger windows with a wider view-through. The color coordinated decorative valance with matching coil insert and complementary routless feature create a polished look.

Modern Metallics Aluminum Blinds

Allure’s ½”, 1″ and 2” Aluminum blinds are our most use aluminum blinds offering beautiful metallic finishes and features standard cord holes and a contoured designer headrail for a sleek, fashionable look.

Access Aluminum Blinds

Our 1″ Aluminum blinds are an economically practical choice and offered in a wide selection of colors. A beveled headrail is standard for a clean, traditional look.

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